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Hot Hued Hair with Kevin Murphy Color Bugs

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By lesleykat · November 29, 2011

Roy G Biv is a good friend of mine. We go way back. I have never been afraid of him, nor him of me. If you don't know what I am talking about then let me explain. Roy G Biv is a the rainbow. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. In high school I had just about every color you can imagine. For a little while I had this amazing blonde to pink ombre hair. I was obsessed with changing my hair color. I used everything from Punky Colour to cake icing coloring. All of my methods were messy, unpredictable and a bit ridiculous at times. Oh, high school!

From Lauren Conrad's rainbow streaks to famously-pink hued hair model Charolette Free to countless numbers of runway shows, brightly colored hair has taken the fashion and beauty world by storm. My office lets me wear all the crazy makeup and hair colors I want. For those out there that cannot but still want in on the brightly colored fun let me introduce the Color Bug by Kevin Murphy.

Its a radical new concept to temporary hair color that works a lot like and eyeshadow. It comes in a little half globe shape and is applied by rubbing it directly on to your hair. Lets explore further, shall we?

More pictures, directions, swatches and continued review...

Shall we break it down into Pro's and Con's?

• temporary 
• semi-simple application
• washable
• no need to bleach hair out first for color to show up 
• light colors are bright on dark hair colors 
• the orange color is borderline NEON!

• application is a little strange
• can stain light hair
• a bit messy
• purple isn't super bright and will likely stain
• can temporarily color clothing
• pricey


Directions: (As they appear on the package.)

1. Place a towel around your shoulder to protect your clothes from possible spillage (ps. don't do this in a carpeted room... trust)
2. Using the clour pad, rub onto completely dried hair where you want the colour to show. 
3. Massage into your hair to ensure the [product is thoroughly worked through and is evenly spread. 
4. Work the room. (HAHA!)

Some additional tips: Take off your shirt! This stuff can be a little dusty and can settle on to your clothes. For more chromatic hue use a slightly thicker, creamy or waxy product. For a slight tint of color a hairspray will work fine. Apply twice to really get the color to pop. Wash your hands afterwards.

Overall I obviously really like this product. The concept is great but the application is still a little weird. You'd think that the pink and orange would only work on light hair but it's the complete opposite. They look fantastic on dark hair but do fade a little quicker. I purchased mine at Bloom Beauty Lounge for $24 each. You can find a retail location on the Kevin Murphy website.

Orange bug (looks a lot brighter in person)

purple bug

pink bug

Bonus Ombre orange to pink to purple


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i want these!!

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Oh my gosh - I just saw these on Pinterest the other day and thought it was genius! I'm so glad to know it works on dark hair.

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Rachel, The lighter colors look AMAZING on dark hair!

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