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Summer Beauty Picks: All About The Hair

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By lesleykat · June 29, 2011

As a kid I spent many summers in camp both sleep away and day camp. I enjoyed these times very much. I learned how to properly tie-dye, start bonfires and roast marshmallows; which up until recently I didn’t like AT ALL. Another thing I learned while at camp was that chlorine and sun take one helluva toll on hair. Lets explore some of my favorite options for summer hair care. To preface these choices I want to state that my hair is wavy, frizz-prone, virgin (non-chemically treated) and long as hell. It basically needs work to get it to look half way decent; which SUCKS because I’m more of a wash-and-go type of girl.

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask
Now that you’ve stripped the gunk out of your hair, moisture must be replenished with a rich, deep conditioner. The Monoi Repairing Hair Mask by Carol’s Daughter is new to the market and already becoming a favorite amoungst the beauty buffs. Not only is it super rich and hydrates in the most luxurious way possible, it smells like bottled summer.
Available at Sephora $29

Neutrogena Shampoo
Have you ever seen those little girls with light hair that looks like it turning green? That my friends is chlorine. While it keeps our pools clean and safe (honestly, can’t we just all switch over to salt purification systems PLEASE?) it also does a nasty little number on hair. Not only does it turn it a few shades of green it can also dry it out significantly. Neutrogena shampoo is a super-clarifying shampoo that strips out chlorine and any other build up in hair. This will reverse green glow in just a couple of washes.
Available at most drug stores for around $3.99

Aveeno Nourish+Condition Leave-In Treatment
While there are a zillion and a half leave-in conditioners and treatments on the market, I like this one by Aveeno mostly because of the price tag and also because its not ALL chemicals. I start application at the ends and then gradually work up towards my roots. I DO NOT spray right on my roots and scalp. This is the quick road to greasy-town. Work in a little more when you're feeling extra dried out.

*Bonus Beach Tip: If you’re going to be out in the sun on the beach or by a pool I suggest spritzing a few squirts of this treatment in your hair before tying it up. (top knot, right?) This will help shield your hair from the sun and heat and prevent too much drying.
Available at most drugstores for around $6.99

Do you have any favorite summer hair care tips or products?

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