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A Sneaky Peaky Inside the Satya Jewelry Sample Sale

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By lesleykat · May 13, 2011
posted by Melanie Antos

Satya's website loses my things and I'm sick of it, as I'm a seriously ill individual. I have enjoyed her work for YEARS, following it and loving the art...Creations of symbols, colors, and material that I believe in the benefits of, support the pieces for causes; well done, and find it all exquisite.. Yet I want a way to access it without being treated like sh&t. I called the store because a piece I had my eye on that I could never afford, with the scraps of SSI I receive, FINALLY WAS A PRICE I COULD CRINGE TO MANAGE! It disappeared from my cart, Thus I called and told the store my story. They told me they still had four and could help me out by selling ine to me at the priecit went to. My birthstone and symbol so perfect to brighten what I am painfully going through would be able to sell at same price for me! She would call back. This item was longer sold...I kept watch on a similar one just in case and keeping one in the shopping cart always, though a bit more cash... WELL IT IS GONE NOW, TOO! I lost out! They lied, calling me back snd saying they had none. Right... Code for impotance of getting as much Cash as possible. Other possibilities are gone, woman who left message about it on my VM was NOT able to be contacted "if I needed anything or help." Now my cart empties, wishlist disappears, and I don't have the money or energy to continue repeating what let me down all because I felt certain pieces would help me get through the day with a bit more hope and comfort that the pieces always lent me. I also am ripped off and must delete orders because their codes for discount never word for me. I follow directions and do all correctly at the given time, but no. SO, this feels odd to say and do, but here, I hope to find one with connections who just mightvbe willing to and can help me. Thank you!? Your pics are inspired! I'm glad you get to remain close to these things before so became ill, I did as well. Stay well and please keep it up! Peace~

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