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Mani Monday: Sunny Ombre to brighten up the rainy day

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By lesleykat · May 16, 2011

Today in NYC its rainy, misty and downright miserable. I swear, at one point this morning it seemed like it was raining directly on to my face. Oh spring, you are a SUCH b-i-t-c-h sometimes. Since there will be no sunshine for the next few days I created my own. I recently picked up a couple of beautiful pastel nail polish shades at The Face Shop, a Korean beauty boutique located in the 30's. (see beauty map for location details) Unfortunately, I cannot find a name for the colors so if you want to recreate this, just find a pastel yellow and mint green.

I started with 2 coats of the pastel yellow. Then with a makeup sponge, I dabbed sheer layers of the pastel/mint green to build the gradation. I then used Brucci, Mí Papi to finish off the gradation towards the tips of my nails. Sometimes doing this sort of design can be tricky. Be patient and work in sheer layers. This particular one took about 7. It sounds a little crazy to do that many layers, but honestly they dry pretty quickly so you won't spend all day working on your nails.


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Tagged with: brucci, the face shop, Pastel, Ombre
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