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HOW TO: no-heat wavy hair

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By lesleykat · December 27, 2010

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At one point I went almost two years without a hair cut. Yes kittens, you read that right. Two years is a LONG time to go without cutting your hair. During that time I only trimmed my bangs. What kept my hair from becoming extremely damaged was the fact that I barely used heat. I would flat iron my hair every so often but I almost never blew it dry.

I am a fan of air drying my hair but in the winter it gets too cold to go outside with a wet head. What I have been doing lately to combat that is to wash my hair at night. I use a towel over my pillow to keep it from getting wet. I just style my bangs in the morning.

For steps and more pictures

Achieving no-heat waves is SUPER simple:

1. After you shampoo and condition your hair use a towel to wring as much of the excess water as you can.

2. Apply a frizz serum or styling cream to seal the moisture into the hair. I like to use Neutrogena Triple Moisture Serum (available at most drug stores) but any styling product you like will do.

3. Comb it through with a medium-wide tooth comb.

4. Braid your hair and secure with an elastic hair band. If you can french braid, even better!

5. Slap a clean towel on your pillow and go to bed! Be sure to use a clean towel. You don't want your face to be all over a dirty towel as you sleep.

When you wake up:

6. Undo the braid and separate hair pieces with your fingers. DO NOT use a brush or comb.

7. Work a little pomade or texturizing styling product from about half way down the length through the ends. I like Devachan Set me up! (I think they've changed the formula and renamed it Set up & Above. Available at Ricky's/Ulta/Dechachan)

8. Spritz a little medium hold hair spray just to keep everything in place.

If you're prone to major frizz you can add a little bit of a smoothing product but I think a little frizz with waves looks natural. Unless you're going to a photoshoot, who cares about a touch of frizz?

Finished result:


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This is great for second day hair too - mine is very curly, and if I wear it in braids at night, i wake up with perfect waves!

posted by

Thanks for the tips. I write a lot about how to get curls and waves on my blog but heat styling tools are usually required in my how-tos.

posted by

Appreciate the tips for curly hair!

posted by

Also like the comments about frizz looking natural. Like the positive and realistic perspective!!

posted by

thanks all! glad you like the post!

posted by

I do this with a bunch of tiny braids, my hair is too thick and wouldn't dry in time. Works great!

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Thanks, LesleyKat! This makes me wish I had long hair!!

posted by Anonymous

Hi! I'm INLOVE with this hair but i was just asking how many braids do you do? :D please be a doll and answer I love your hair!

posted by

Only one braid is needed to do this. If you do more than that you can get part lines that you may not want.

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