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Beauty on a shoestring UK edition: Sleek Pout Polish

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By lesleykat · October 27, 2011

Sleek is a common brand in the UK and is sold in Superdrug. It has quickly become a darling of the internet makeup world because of it's high quality and relatively low price point. Obviously Sleek was on the top of my list when I visited London. I even took special time out to make sure I wasn't rushed when I purchased my drug store purchases. (ie: No bored boyfriend to deal with.)

The "Beauty on a shoestring" series is designed to highlight the very best of affordable makeup. This post kicks off a special UK beauty series. I'm excited to be able to test out some beauty from abroad.


• Super moisturizing and feels great on my lips. When I came back from holiday my lips were super duper chapped. This stuff immediately soothed my lips and replenished them From sad chappy existence.
• Super shiny with out any stick factor.
• Contains nurishing ingredients: Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Wheat Germ Oil.
• SPF 15 because even your lips need sun protection.
• Large amount of product in package. Each package contains 10g. To compare that to Korres Lip butter that retails in the US for $12 (around £7.53) contains .21oz (around 5.95g). The Pout paint contains more product and costs a hair over half the price. 
• Attractive packaging. It's not revolutionary but its cute and simple. Wide opening makes it easy to get product out without taking a chunk out with your fingernail.

• The colors I bought weren't pigmented at all. From a quick spin around the internet, it's clear that some of the other color do have more of a tint to them. I probably should have got a bright one for range of testing but at the time I didn't see it necessary. whoops. Oh well. 
• The scent is a little overwhelming. It reminds me of a vanilla scented candle which some may like but I could really do without. It's very artificial smelling however, there isn't a taste so that's a plus.
• Pot packing can be unsanitary. I'm not a total germaphobe but I'd rather not dip my fingers in a pot of product. (I also listed this as a PRO as well)
• The claims are that it contains Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Wheat Germ Oil, but when you read the packaging there are about 10 ingredients that come before these ingredients that are 10-plus letters themselves. I did a bit of research on packaging requirements in the UK and learned that they are similar to those in the US in fact that they have to list them by weight/volume. This means that the first item listed is most present in the product. Everything that follows makes up less than that. If ingredients make up less that 1% then they can be listed in any order.**

Availability: Superdrug £4.30

For more photos, swatches and final thoughts,

Overall I think these are a good value and deliver on their promise. I will definetly repurchase (additional colors) if I find myself in the UK again any time soon.

**I cannot guarantee that all of the terminology I have used is correct. If you have questions about packaging regulations in any country I suggest contacting a lawyer.

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