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Beauty on a shoestring: Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color

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By lesleykat · January 12, 2011

Imagine you've been on a long, epic journey to try to find a treasure. You've searched far and wide and walked until your legs ached and still haven't found your treasure. Just when you think your search has become hopeless, you find one gold coin that revives your desire for this treasure. Well kittens, I have been on that journey and the treasure is Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. It seems like when I cannot find something that I want it more than ever. This happened with NYX which then led me to create the NYC beauty map.

Today I was actually going in to a drugstore to find tic tacs when I stumbled upon some Jesse's Girl nail polishes. They are different than what I usually see floating around the web. They're called "High Intensity Nail Color" and that's their only name. There are no color names! What's up with THAT? Not only do they not have names, they don't even really live up to their description. Now, mind you, I only tried two out of the batch. I remember there being around 10 or more different colors. Since I have been hauling nail polish like crazy, I decided only to get 2.

There are a few pros and cons to these babies. Pros: They are very inexpensive. At $2.99 a piece they do not break the bank. There is decent color and finish variety in the collection. The cons include: for the specific colors I purchased, they are sheer. In the picture below you can see that I need THREE freaking coats of the purple color to even get it to show up.

So kittens, if you see these, will you pick them up?


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