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Beauty On A Shoestring: E.L.F. Lilac Petal Shimmering Facial Whip

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By lesleykat · June 23, 2011

Please kittens, don't cry for me when I say that I don't get to shop at Target nearly enough. It's the truth though. My options are schelping to Brooklyn or the Bronx (Seriously, never again, EVER) or worse, stopping when I am on a trip out of the city. This causes what I like to call accute target hordet (pronouched a-cute tar-shay hoard-ay). What is this mysterious and devistating ailment? The sympotons include zombie-like aisle browsing, swelling in the shopping cart/basket area and a hemeraging wallet. Lucklily, I only get outbreaks of this dibilitating disease ever 4-6 months.

Silly story aside, I usually end up doing a littel one-of-each action on all new (as in, new to me) E.L.F. items when I do get to shop at target. On one of my outbreaks trips I snagged an interesting looking product that goes by the name of Shimmering Facial Whip. It is discribed as a multipurpose product that is packed with Vitamin E to instantly brighten and soothe skin with a no greasy after-feel. Does is stack up to this discription?

Let's discuss...


Price: $1 (no joke)
Excellent highlighter on medium to light skin tones
High reflective-shimmer is non-glittery
Adds light to wherever it's applied
Has a soothing/cooling effect when applied
Buffs out to a powder finish after it sets
Long lasting (not on eyes)

May not suite darker skin tones well due to the light color
Not easy to apply, hard to blend when wet
Sticky finish (that does eventually dry down)
Unpleasant "Sugar Orange" fragrance
Its named Lilac petal, which doesn't really make sense due to its champagne color
Cannot be worn on eyes alone, without shadow or primer, will crease within mintues
Can enphasize large pores

Is it worth $1?

Would I repurchase?
It's only a dollar, but a little goes a long way. You may not need to repurchase, but I probably wouldn't since I do have so many other highlighters and this doesn't really fall close to holy grail status.

Does it have any comprible products?
Maybe, and this is a HUGE stretch, the Nars Illuminator in cococabana is a similar concept, but definetly not the same feel.

What's the best way to apply this product?
Dab a tiny amount on to desired area with fingertips. Concentrate your application on the high point of cheeks or feature you're trying to feature. Tap to blend out slightly. Let set for 30 seconds and blend out with fingers or buffer brush for a more even finish.

Do you have E.L.F. Lilac Petal Shimmering Facial Whip? Love it or leave it?

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The E.L.F line is a little miracle...little is the cost, the best part is how they keep up with all the newest colors and the nail polish makes for a great petti....
You can make a gift basket for a friend for under $20 with everything they could possibly need.

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shalee55, Friendsies gift baskets is such a great idea! I like the way you think. ;)

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Haven't tried this yet - but ELF prices are incredible!!!

posted by anonymous

what is your holy grail highlighter?

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