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[BEAUTY BREAKDOWN] A Study in Holographic Nail Polishes

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By lesleykat · February 1, 2013

From left to right:

A. GOSH, holographic B. Color Club, harp on it C. OPI, DS Coronation D. LASplash, sparkling torpedo

Not all holographic polishes are created equal. Each of these are very different polishes that all fall into the holographic category. I'm not saying one is better over the other, because that's a matter of YOUR taste. 

I pulled 4 different holographic polishes to do an in-depth comparison. Enjoy!

Full breakdown with photos…

A. GOSH, Holographic
Removal: Easy, no extra steps needed
Coats Pictured: 2
PROS: mega-strong linear holographic, dries very fast
CONS: Must use a base coat, specifically an aqua-type base coat. Butter London nail foundation also works well. Chips very easily. Holo effect dulled by top coat.

Availability: Originally released  Renamed "Holographic Hero" and rereleased in 2012. Availability in the US is pretty scarce: Renovated Duane Reade stores in NYC, Decent availability in Canada.
Price: ~$7

B. Color Club, Harp On It
Removal: Easy, no extra steps needed
Coats Pictured: 2
PROS: No specific base coat needed. Very strong linear holographic effect, but not as strong as the GOSH polish. Shiny finish. Top coat does not affect holo at all.
CONS: No CONS here. Seriously, this is a near-perfect polish.

Availability: color club rickysnyc
Price: $10

C. OPI, DS Coronation
Removal: Easy, no extra steps needed
Coats Pictured: 3
PROS: This is what I'd like to call the work-safe holo. It's one of the earliest holographic polishes so I can't be TOO hard on it. It's more of a scatter style halo with very fine micro particles. It's also slightly dingier than the others.
CONS: 3+ coat needed to achieve full opacity. Not a bright shining holographic.

Availability: Not Available
Price: ~$8

D. LASplash, Sparkling Torpedo
Coats Pictured: 2 (it could even go to 3 for full opacity.)
Removal: Use glitter removal process
PROS: Large, disco ball scatter holographic glitters. Very sparkling and eye catching! Not a linear effect, but very color reflective.
CONS: Product thickens after a few months which makes it hard to spread evenly. Best used over top of a silver polish to counteract gaps.

Availability: Duane Reade (NYC) and Ulta
Price: $3.99

So there you have it, a beauty breakdown of holographic polishes. Do you own any? Do you love them as much as I do?


Disclosure: Most of the products in the post were purchased by myself. Some of them have been provided by the manufacturer.</em>

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