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[MANI MONDAY] Neon Sprinkles with L'ORÉAL and Orly

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By lesleykat · May 20, 2013

Sprinkle Neon Manicure by LesleyKat

Happy mani monday kittens! So this is my first actual mani monday of my real nails since removing my acrylics. I really loved the way they looked but they were SO hard to work with and left my nails crazy damaged. Until they grow out I won't be able to do any hardcore glitter. They're so thin that when I use pure acetone to remove nail polish they ache for days. I know beauty is pain but I'd rather feel sore from a hard workout than feel like I'm getting poisoned through my nails. 

Today's look is a neon and a sprinkle glitter. I've posted this glitter before, but I love it so much! 

More pictures, and what I used...KEEP READING!

[BEAUTY REVIEW] Korean Beauty Focus: Lovely ME:EX Milky Tint in Baby Peach

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By lesleykat · May 17, 2013

Lovely ME:EX Milky Tint, baby peach by lesleykat

Lately I've been exploring beauty brands beyond the shelves of your everyday beauty stores. I've been venturing into Asian beauty stores and seeing what they have to offer. 

One of my favorite places to visit is The Face Shop. Browing this small store in the Korea Town district of NYC is always an adventure. The Korean beauty market is starting to see tons of press due the arrival of BB creams on the shores of the US. But Korean beauty is much more that BB creams! 

The Korean beauty brand Lovely ME:EX has cute packaging (as most all Korean beauty products seem to have) and offers a variety of products. Today I'll be talking about what I liked, and what I didn't like about Milky Tint. 

More photos, swatches and thoughts...KEEP READING!

[MANI MONDAY] China Glaze, Fancy Pants

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By lesleykat · May 13, 2013

Today's mani monday is a straight up swatch without nail art or glitter or anything. It's actually a REALLY REALLY old picture but I wanted to post it anyway. My nails are currently healing from post acrilyc nail syndrom. They're a disaster so you probably won't be seeing too many nail posts for the next couple of months. (sad face)

China Glaze, Fancy Pants is part of the Spring Avant Garden 2013

So, In the bottle this color is an amazing cool-toned purple with a gorgeous pink shimmer. However, on the nail, the effect is completely lost. Total bummer. I really with that it was more visable. It would make it a standout color. ALSO, the tip wear in the first few hours was pretty bad. 


Disclosure: Product closet

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[FOTD] Green and gold makeup look

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By lesleykat · May 1, 2013

Green and Gold Face of the Day by Lesleykat
Green and Gold Face of the Day by Lesleykat
I was playing around with some of my green makeup the other day and came up with this green and gold look. I tend to gravitate towards green on my eyes. I just love how rich and beautiful it can look. Green is a great color on pretty much anyone since its both cool and warm toned. I tend to pick greens a little more on the warm, grassy side since I'm have warm-neutral tones. If you're on the cooler side, lean towards the forest or mint greens. They compliment cool skintones. 

Breakdown of products used...KEEP READING!

[MANI MONDAY] Triangle and Glitter Nail Art

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By lesleykat · April 29, 2013

Triangle nail art by Lesleykat

I've been trying to use as many of the items I picked up in Europe as possible lately. I've been having fun playing with all the nail polish. I used 3 of them today for this nail art design. 

I started out with a base color of Barry M Gelly Nail Paint, GNP Greenberry. I then used a striping brush to create the triangle and the stripes with Barry M Gelly Nail Paint, GNP Watermelon . Then I carefully dabbed on LoReal Colour Riche 916 Confettis inside the triangle to add the glitters. I'm really digging this glitter. Its opaque black and white glitters of varying sizes. 

This nail design, for some reason, got a lot of attention from gay guys. I live in Chelsea in NYC and was out to dinner and got so many compliments on them. Who knew the gay boys were so into nail art?!


Triangle nail art by Lesleykat

Triangle nail art by Lesleykat

Triangle nail art by Lesleykat

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